La montée du SPA par la grue


The whole village turned out to watch when our Sundance spa was delivered. A crane hoisted the jacuzzi carefully up to the roof of our guesthouse, not a thing you see very often, but what a result!

You can make yourself comfortable up there, at a height of 12 metres, and enjoy panoramic views over the village and the surrounding countryside.
Do you fancy raising a glass and sipping champagne, sitting in a tub of warm bubbles? Here, you can!

Make the most of it, and the benefits will last all year. A session a day is included in the price of your room.... Feel the stress flowing away!



Do you find it hard to stay for long in a Finnish sauna heated to 80 degrees? Yes, we feel just the same. 
We discovered and installed an infra-red sauna (Wellness-Spa) that is conducive to a significantly higher rate of sweating than a traditional sauna, at around only 50 degrees, which puts less pressure on the heart.
Switch it on, wait for a quarter of an hour, then you can start getting the benefit...

A session a day is included in the price of your stay... Feel the energy flowing back!



Because total relaxation calls for an expert touch, we can offer you the services of a masseur...